#1 for Worta a father of the pride fan pic
Javier the Jaguar (der Gigolo aus "Road Trip" Episode: #1.11) doing it with Kate und Sierra
status: inked
#2 for David Siegl a lineart+colouring job of a sketch
wrongcomforter (Kate/hunter) (lactating gone wrong :D ) later perhaps also (Brisbysinvitation (brisby/older_timmy) and Holdon (Kit/Rebecca))
status: done
#3 fanpic of Kroenen out of Hellboy
In a pose within the first 15 minutes, holdeing his arms and swords from his body, with his neat uniform and mantle. Without his uniform he is not even half as good looking. :D
status: preparing
#4 an other father of the pride fan pic (this time for myself)
Sierra needs Catnip from Sarmoti, but this has a price of it`s own *evil grin*
status: only within my mind
#5 tribute to TOR
After his picture "The Pet IV", but mit my own char and a pony
status: only within my mind
#6 misc one page comic
ff/m / dog/dog/horse two bitches pleasuring a stallion, but they get a nasty surprise :D
status: preparing
#X two shortcomics
my char with an elvencentauress (dark/romatic and the other dark/hc)
status: daydreaming
much, much more... I have far more fantasy as for my own good
status: daydreaming